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Downtown Vapes is your source for high quality e-cigarettes and e-liquid. We Are here to serve your vaping needs. 

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History of the Company & Mission Statement:  

We feel strongly that service and quality were lacking in this space. if you have a problem with any product you purchase from us, we stand behind it and will ensure that the problem is made right. Downtown Vapes is your source for high quality premium electronic cigarettes. We were founded to serve the public with the best quality vaping devices and liquids. Our dream is that one day the whole world will know the wonder of our e-cigs. 
Our founders believe that anyone can find an alternative to smoking if they only have the right help. Based in Palm Beach County, Florida, Downtown Vapes was founded by John, Justin, and Ryan. All formerly smoked traditional cigarettes, and all 3 were both able to find an alternative with the help of electronic cigarettes. 
Justin tried the disposable type before, but they never satisfied, and he had long since returned back to his two pack a day habit. When he tried the satisfying flavor of vaping with a premium e-cigarette he didn't even need to finish his "safety pack," and made the switch immediately. Justin's favorite flavor is Pebblez. 
John, a smoker of traditional cigarettes for 19 years, found he liked the vapor route much better. Most recently he tried prescription aids... ask him about those nightmares some time. He was finally able to find an alternative and end his long love affair with big tobacco thanks to the help of premium electronic cigarettes. His favorite flavor is Black & Blue Lemonade. 
Ryan, a heavy smoker of 7 years, had no intention of quitting cigarette. Once he bought his first vaporizer, he transitioned to vaping and hasn't looked back since! Ryan's favorite flavor is La Creme.

Meet the Team
We pride ourselves on having the friendliest, most knowledgeable staff a vape store can offer. Paramount to our technical skills are our individual stories: all of us were smokers unable to quit until we were introduced into the world of vaping.